In 1800 a young carpenter named Louis Dubourdieu founded a “tilloles” shipyard. “Tilloles” is an ancient word which means fishing row-boats. The first book of accounts started in July 1885, and all that is left of the XIXth century shipyard are some drawings and the imperfect memory of oral history.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, Emile Dubourdieu, the fourth generation, breathes new life into the shipyard thanks to the industrial revolution by building the first petrol propelled boat. It is about 1900 that the name “Pinasse” appears, but its origin is controversial.

At the beginning of the Roaring Twenties, the Bay of Arcachon became a highly rated resort. Gabrielle d'Annunzio rubbed shoulders with Jean Cocteau, and rich merchants from Bordeaux built extravagant villas the Ville d’Hiver, or Winter Town of Arcachon. Distractions were few and sea bathing often chilly

In 1930, the gasoline engine had becomes king and several manufacturers from the Bay who invented the marine engine: Chevillet, Castelnau, Couach, were becoming the biggest names in boating.


We owe the elegant lines of the current Pinasse to Jean-Pierre. Only master on board from 1974, Jean-Pierre also "invented" in 1981 the "Classic Express", pinasse of the new generation, with classic lines and modern, stratified-wood construction.

After six generations of Dubourdieus, the shipyard was left without a successor. The story would have ended there, but to let die such expertise was inconceivable. It would have jeopardized the survival of a heritage, a profession, a special type of boat. Emmanuel and Béatrice Martin rose to the challenge and bought the site in September 2000.Click here to see the video

Since the takeover in 2000 by the husband Martin, the yard was able to maintain its level of excellence. Many units with an exceptional finishing level were made ??in the workshop of the Port of Larros.

An innovative year with the creation of amazing and exceptional boats:” the Greenboat®”, “the Greenboat-Cat® Batcub” (the first shuttle boat on the Bordeaux river) and the splendid  Pinasse Deluxe "Africa Queen"